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Free will and Determinism-An analogy with Scalar and Vector

Scalar-Having only magnitude not direction
Vector-Quantity having direction

Scalar - (minus) entropy/degree of disorder= Vector, OR, Scalar=Vector + Entropy

I will equate scalar to all the possibilities of occurrence, which when loses its disorder starts manifesting directionality and hence vector properties.

Under the above "free will" is like a scalar, possessing the property of infinite possibilities and "determinism" is like a  vector showing directionality.

According to advaita (non-dual) psychology/philosophy -the absolute seen through the prism of time, space and causation becomes the relative  i.e. the Universe. Since there is an arrow of time in the classical world, cause and effect coming from this arrow of time, the universe is deterministic. Even in the quantum realm -the measurements are probability outcomes, in a range of possibilities.But are these possibilities infinite ?

To me the absolute are the infinite fields of existence which have a range of…