Thursday, 2 May 2019

Free will and Determinism-An analogy with Scalar and Vector

Scalar-Having only magnitude not direction
Vector-Quantity having direction

Scalar - (minus) entropy/degree of disorder= Vector, OR, Scalar=Vector + Entropy

I will equate scalar to all the possibilities of occurrence, which when loses its disorder starts manifesting directionality and hence vector properties.

Under the above "free will" is like a scalar, possessing the property of infinite possibilities and "determinism" is like a  vector showing directionality.

According to advaita (non-dual) psychology/philosophy -the absolute seen through the prism of time, space and causation becomes the relative  i.e. the Universe. Since there is an arrow of time in the classical world, cause and effect coming from this arrow of time, the universe is deterministic. Even in the quantum realm -the measurements are probability outcomes, in a range of possibilities.But are these possibilities infinite ?

To me the absolute are the infinite fields of existence which have a range of possibilities of manifestation. The unmanifest is infinite, scalar, at equilibrium (possessing no directionality) and is what can be called free. Once a perturbation/disturbance occurs in this field, waves/particles arise which have defined properties (directionality). Freedom is lost.

The will is bound because the concept of a will implies trying to do something with intention.  Intentionality has direction.

Freedom can only be "experienced" when the mind with all its intentionalities and uncontrolled thoughts is done away with by concentrating thought energy on the self-the unit feeling (feeling of being/equanimity/ a reflection of the universal equilibrium) . This results in focused thought energy  via which the illumination of the self filters through, and helps one observe and experience reality as it is with its infinite possibilities . Limitedness due to uncontrolled thoughts dissolve away .

Duality/Multiplicity are pertubances in an equilibrium field and hence are directional i.e. vectorial while the undisturbed field at equilibrium is scalar.
As human beings,  under the influence of uncontrolled thoughts we will never experience freedom, but focus the thought energy or attentional energy on this unitarity mentioned above and one will experience infinite possibilities i.e. freedom .

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