Friday, 26 April 2019

Finding Balance-Personalized Precision medicine

Homeostasis maintenance is a fine line between order and chaos. One needs sufficient amount of order to perform a function in a focused manner. Simultaneously chaos is required for robustness , i.e. fine tuning inorder to adjust to the changing environment.
Personalized Precision  medicine is about finding this balance.
When homeostasis is disturbed in a living system, one has to diagnose the degree of disorder/chaos and concommitantly administer a drug at the required dosage and time intervals to restore the "balance" between order and disorder.
Swinging the pendulum in favour of order or disorder does not favour "life". Life is a fine balance between order and disorder.
AI or artificial intelligence in medicine can be used as a tool to swing the pendulum to either side, so it has to be used carefully.
A tool is not good or bad in itself . Its how one uses it.
In the nervous system it is the combined synchronous and asynchronous firing of neurons that results in robust brain activity.
Nature is showing us-"Balance is the way"


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