Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Energy Barrier

Is the directional arrow of time due to an energy barrier ?
 Analogy: Uncatalyzed reaction.
May be a catalyst-like invention could reverse this.
Evolution of the wave function is like a chemical reaction that converts the initial state/reactants-to products/final state.
Phase transitions are catalysed by catalysts.


Memory= record of an event, series of events.
Does a strong memory imply greater/deeper/longer experience of subjective time ?
When the memory comes to the surface, does it involve neuronal firing which recapitulates neuronal firing pattern of when the event/subjective experience occurred first?
Why is it that repeated learning reinforces memory ? Is it because repeated learning repeats neuronal firing which is then  encoded faster as a memory record/engram ?
What is the relation between objective time, subjective time and memory ? Is memory of a subjective experience an activity encoded linearly through objective time i.e. passage of quantum states ?
Does encoding of memory involve phase transitions in brain states ?

Monday, 9 December 2019


Is= knowledge, information ,observation
Ought=wisdom, meaning,causal connection hypothesis
Is= non-anthropocentric
Ought=anthropocentric/necessary bias or feature .

Sunday, 8 December 2019



Analogies ?

Intelligence = Information ?
Consciousness = Energy ?

Evolution of the wave function from highly dense starting point=Parachute unpacking and opening up to expand.

Friday, 6 December 2019


Experience occurs in 3 dimensional (3D) space or 4D space time.
The holographic principle says 2D codes for 3D space.
Could this 2D represent the underlying mind and 3D represent the brain/body with the phenomenal mind emerging from it. 2D is the abstract mathematical code/ subtle matter/ underlying mind which when projects itself like a hologram give rise to the brain/body/gross matter.
Brain activity =phenomenal mind in 4D space time.
Quantum fields in 1D are at equilibrium and could represent all pervading awareness. Fields in 1D are like a straight line which when replicate themselves form a 2D field. Interactions/entanglement of 1D lines  are encoded in the 2D field . When actual interactions/entanglement of 1D lines occur phase transition of the 2D field to 3D space occurs which when repeat themselves give rise to 4D space time. Time is emergent in 3D but fundamental in 4D.
Thus pure awareness also known as pure consciousness is all pervading since it is in 1D which is a constituent of higher dimensions of 2D, 3D and 4D.
Awareness is and can only be experienced but not objectified. It exists not only in our body which is in 3D but also outside our body so it has to be a universal constituent. Thus this awareness is in 1D. It is non-material in that it is an energy field at equilibrium (values for energy density are constant at all points in the line) in 1D. When this energy field in 1D replicates in a series it extends to 2D. The interactions/entanglement of 1D energy lines in 2D energy fields give rise to structure/gross matter/space in 3D via phase transition which can also be termed symmetry breaking.
I equate 1D to brahman i.e.pure awareness of vedanta, 2D to self/underlying mind of vedanta, 3D to brain as in a body, 4D to phenomenal emergent mind.
In Vedantic meditative experience when 4D mental vibrations align  , brain in 3D is no longer processing  randomn/asynchronous neural stimuli, but aligned neuronal firing occurs , so that the electroencephalogram shows constant low energy sustained but consistent synchronous firing of neurons (i,e. neural correlates), 2D fields of underlying mind no longer undergo interacting phase transitions and low energy of  equilibriated   lines of 1D are experienced. The meditator experiences calmness and oneness within and without. 

Saturday, 30 November 2019


It is the human mind-body complex through which the truth of "idealism" is arrived at.
Idealism states that consciousness is the only reality.
Yes, BUT this reality can have different manifestations such as the physical body or other physical objects.
Humans arrive at truth not stones or rocks.
The idealists assert that consciousness is the "only"reality.
Idealism is directly of the 1st person|subject while physicalism is subject |object based. The object is manifestation.
The techniques via which the idealist conclusions are arrived at are practised by the human mind body complex i.e thinking , meditation etc. The human body (which is manifestation of this consciousness) is the truthful fact accepted by the physicalists.

Fundamentalism occurs when either idealists or materialists are UNABLE to recognize the perspective different from their own.


Thursday, 28 November 2019

From Existentialism to Existential Enquiry

The existentialism of  Albert Camus etc asks- What is the Meaning of Existence ?
The existential enquiry of Vedanta asks- Who am I ?


Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Cancer-Chaotic oncogenic mutation-Epigenomic Alteration-Phase Transition-Metastasis

Hypothesis of Cancer:

1.Probably the epigenome of a cell is modified by an oncogenic mutation. Phenotypic plasticity/tumor heterogeneity occurs in this process.
2. This modified epigenome overrides the inhibitory signaling of tumor microenvironment. Chaos ensues.
3. The above (2) breaks cell cell interactions leading to tumor cells release from primary site and spread i.e. invasion.
4. Altered epigenome leads to epithelial mesenchymal transition.
5. Tumor cells at secondary site  undergo mesenchymal epithelial transition due to restored epigenome in a new microenvironment.
6. As critical threshlod of oncogenic protein/signaling activity is breached (1) happens again.
7. A vicious cycle of tumor growth and spread ensues.
8. Altered expression/phenotype of tumor cells  containing oncogenic mutation occurs via phase transition.
9. The unpredictable component is how the epigenome is altered from a normal one to a cancerous one via the  oncogenic mutation.

Analogy with an Enzymatic Reaction:

Initiator-Oncogenic mutation, Epigenome alteration/Ist hit
Catalyst-Altered Tumor Microenvironment /2nd hit
Reactants-Normal cell
Product/s-Tumor cell

Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Integration: Conscious Field---Gross matter

Universal Consciousness/Unifying Field/Equilibrium-----> Disrupted Equilibrium-----> Phase Transition/Multiple Vibrations=Abstract Mathematical Reality/Subtle matter/Mind---->Interactions of Vibrations through Resonance-------> Phase Transition of Vibrational energy to Gross Matter/Physical Reality.


Are Homeostatic mechanisms and chaotic mechanisms inversely related to each other ?
Homeostatic mechanisms=Meditation=Nivritti/Inward stillness.
Chaotic mechanisms=Outward activity=Pravritti.

Thursday, 2 May 2019

Free will and Determinism-An analogy with Scalar and Vector

Scalar-Having only magnitude not direction
Vector-Quantity having direction

Scalar - (minus) entropy/degree of disorder= Vector, OR, Scalar=Vector + Entropy

I will equate scalar to all the possibilities of occurrence, which when loses its disorder starts manifesting directionality and hence vector properties.

Under the above "free will" is like a scalar, possessing the property of infinite possibilities and "determinism" is like a  vector showing directionality.

According to advaita (non-dual) psychology/philosophy -the absolute seen through the prism of time, space and causation becomes the relative  i.e. the Universe. Since there is an arrow of time in the classical world, cause and effect coming from this arrow of time, the universe is deterministic. Even in the quantum realm -the measurements are probability outcomes, in a range of possibilities.But are these possibilities infinite ?

To me the absolute are the infinite fields of existence which have a range of possibilities of manifestation. The unmanifest is infinite, scalar, at equilibrium (possessing no directionality) and is what can be called free. Once a perturbation/disturbance occurs in this field, waves/particles arise which have defined properties (directionality). Freedom is lost.

The will is bound because the concept of a will implies trying to do something with intention.  Intentionality has direction.

Freedom can only be "experienced" when the mind with all its intentionalities and uncontrolled thoughts is done away with by concentrating thought energy on the self-the unit feeling (feeling of being/equanimity/ a reflection of the universal equilibrium) . This results in focused thought energy  via which the illumination of the self filters through, and helps one observe and experience reality as it is with its infinite possibilities . Limitedness due to uncontrolled thoughts dissolve away .

Duality/Multiplicity are pertubances in an equilibrium field and hence are directional i.e. vectorial while the undisturbed field at equilibrium is scalar.
As human beings,  under the influence of uncontrolled thoughts we will never experience freedom, but focus the thought energy or attentional energy on this unitarity mentioned above and one will experience infinite possibilities i.e. freedom .

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Homeostasis and Complexity

Biomolecules such as RNA,DNA,amino acids etc, arose in a sea of interacting molecules in a  primordial soup. This was followed by compartmentalization to separate out the biomolecules from their environment. This resulted in homeostasis i.e. regulated exchange of matter between systems and surroundings.

According to wikipedia- "In biologyhomeostasis is the state of steady internal physical and chemical conditions maintained by living systems.[1] This dynamic state of equilibrium is the condition of optimal functioning for the organism and includes many variables, such as body temperature and fluid balance, being kept within certain pre-set limits (homeostatic range). Other variables include the pH of extracellular fluid, the concentrations of sodiumpotassium and calcium ions, as well as that of the blood sugar level, and these need to be regulated despite changes in the environment, diet, or level of activity."

Why did complexity arise then ? To provide more and more regulation for a system in varying environments. This complexity , arose perhaps through phase transition.

Homeostasis regulation may be compared to an analog knob with different possible states of being.
With a fluctuating environment, this knob has to be regulated and complexity is the hand that regulates the knob by fine-tuning to the environment.

Breakdown of regulated complexity , results in breakdown of homeostasis as in diseases like cancer. In cancer regulated multicellular organization breaks down due to mutations in genes and perturbations in environment. How do mutations  in genes occur ? Probably , mutations occur denovo and get selected for survival. But why so ? Its a mystery. The cancer seems to survive at the expense of the host.
Alternatively, environmental pertubations can cause mutations to occur in DNA resulting in higher risk for cancer.

Increase in complexity results in highly evolved nervous systems. Probably these nervous systems evolved to regulate homeostasis. After a period of meditation (concentrated focus on a sound or words) I feel at calm and more relaxed. Probably meditation, by concentrating the mind, results in slowing the body metabolism resulting in greater regulation of homeostasis i.e. greater calm , lesser disturbed feelings.

Post meditation, one tends to observe things and processes through the lens of a calm , non-agitated mind.

Regulation and maintenance of homeostasis seems to me , one of the biggest drivers of evolution.


Yesterday I heard Dr.  Damasio on the mindscape podcast hosted by Prof. Sean Carroll.

 It was a fascinating, insightful conversation.

The observation that "feelings" drive culture was new to me. From experience, I can say that feelings, along with thought do drive my choices.

Affect i.e. emotions and feelings play an important role in shaping societies. The hypothesis drawn  is that , homeostasis is a necessary pre-requisite to maintaining life , and homeostatic mechanisms result in feelings as adaptations to the environment.

Nervous systems could have evolved to regulate homeostasis. This is a strong argument from the evolutionary biology point of view, because the questions being asked today are-what are the environmental selection pressures that drive evolution.

Exchange of substances occur between the living organism and the environment to maintain homeostasis. Regulation of this process resulted in the evolution of nervous systems.

The conversation with Dr. Damasio compels me to read his book-"The Strange Order of Things".

Saturday, 27 April 2019

Expansive mindset

Limited thinking resulting in human centeredness could be an anthropomorphic bias.

The only way out is to expand your horizon , by exposure to the unfamiliar.

Exposure to and exploration of unfamiliar environments, literature, art,  technologies, sport activities help in developing an expansive mindset.

An introspective, meditative mindset helps focus and channelize the distracted energy in the desired direction.


Irreversibility-Does it arise due to emergence of properties via phase transition ? Is it a numbers game ?


Friday, 26 April 2019

Finding Balance-Personalized Precision medicine

Homeostasis maintenance is a fine line between order and chaos. One needs sufficient amount of order to perform a function in a focused manner. Simultaneously chaos is required for robustness , i.e. fine tuning inorder to adjust to the changing environment.
Personalized Precision  medicine is about finding this balance.
When homeostasis is disturbed in a living system, one has to diagnose the degree of disorder/chaos and concommitantly administer a drug at the required dosage and time intervals to restore the "balance" between order and disorder.
Swinging the pendulum in favour of order or disorder does not favour "life". Life is a fine balance between order and disorder.
AI or artificial intelligence in medicine can be used as a tool to swing the pendulum to either side, so it has to be used carefully.
A tool is not good or bad in itself . Its how one uses it.
In the nervous system it is the combined synchronous and asynchronous firing of neurons that results in robust brain activity.
Nature is showing us-"Balance is the way"

2. https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2017/04/03/ai-versus-md

Wednesday, 24 April 2019


Looped fields=Strings ??
Dimensions = Fields ??
Strings form Knots/Particles-??
Particles interact resulting in matter from phase transition-??

Sunday, 21 April 2019


Underlying Self=unifying field/beyond space time-(Pure Consciousness), potentially  codes for vibrations of strings giving rise to space/2D (packets of energy)/information of energy patterns in binary in fields---> Strings Vibrate in patterns of binary in fields giving rise to geometry in 3D/space( Underlying Mind in 3D/No time or no cause,effect i.e. Consciousness)--->Resonance of newer strings--->Interactions between resonant/non-resonant strings---> Knots form giving rise to  particles (physics) that  interact  ---->Phase Transition from interacting particles---->Matter arises---->Constant/Background Material Brain Activity ---->Observation/Perception in time----->Phenomenal mind/mental activity in time(3D+1D=4D)/Emergent Consciousness.

Strings, knots, particles-file:///C:/Users/Dell/Downloads/symmetry-04-00039-v3.pdf
Phase Transition-https://www.quantamagazine.org/emergence-how-complex-wholes-emerge-from-simple-parts-20181220/

Vedanta psychology of Koshas (Layers/sheaths from inner to outer)=Self/Pure Consciousness at the individual level=Atman, Anandamaya kosha (Bliss body)= Evolute of pure consciousness consisting of bliss vibratory energy,Vigyanmaya kosha (Intellect body)=Buddhi/intellect body/Underlying mind/Consciousness, Manomayakosha=Phenomenal mind/Emergent consciousness


Meditation through focusing attention or directing attentional energy inwards dissolves the outer sheaths which are evolutes via phase transition of the self/pure consciousness that make projections of the world which result in perceptual  reality. According to vigyana vedanta, after self realization one has altered perception of the external world, as one experiences the world through the illumination  provided by the non-vibratory self and not through the vibrations of the intellect/phenomenal mind.

The Upanishadic statement-"Tat Tvam Asi"-"That Thou Art" is the result of the above.

Thursday, 18 April 2019


Very interesting and Thank You for allowing to comment. I think the human sensory system and the machines it designs for observation are classical in one way and detect what they are designed to detect. Detection is interaction. And as RPFeynman put it "All mass/matter is interaction. So whatever interacts is detectable. If anything is beyond the detection system/ detection limit it ceases to exist for the detector. So one has to guess. My guess is possibilities and probabilities are infinite and the human sensory system and machines designed by it are observing a sliver of reality. May be Artificial intelligence linked to a probe/sensor with alternate/all possible arrangements of atom can detect different dimensions/many worlds. I think with present technology we are missing the woods for the trees. Consciousness or mind emerging from the brain (a certain arrangement of atoms) which directly observes or designs instruments for observation is only one method of detection.

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Anthropocentric bias

Thinking in hierarchies is an anthropocentric bias.


 This thinking is in contrast to "integrative /systems thinking" which is inclusive, sees the whole instead of diving into parts and arranging in a hierarchy.


Apes have it all-http://nautil.us/issue/70/variables/empathy-morality-community-cultureapes-have-it-all

Anthropomorphism as  cognitive bias-https://www.journals.uchicago.edu/doi/abs/10.1086/694039?journalCode=phos

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

What is life ?

Hypothesis - Life is the irreversible exchange of energy of a living organism/system with its environment. Exchange of energy with the environment such as in breathing maintains life. When this exchange ceases to occur living organisms decay and die.
The energy patterns may be compared to information and the energy exchange compared to information processing.
 The evaporation of water may be compared to the above i.e. exchange of energy with the environment, however it is a reversible process.
Is this irreversible process of energy exchange related to the rise of complexity (through phase transition) of living organisms and the unidirectional arrow of time ?

Energy Barrier

Is the directional arrow of time due to an energy barrier ?  Analogy: Uncatalyzed reaction. May be a catalyst-like invention could revers...