Sunday, 9 December 2018

A-Dvaita/Non-Dual- A Scientific Explanation

Relation between Mind, Atman, Brahman
Mind/Phenomenal Self [3D(dimension)+1D]-------Emergent Constructed Self-Experiences subjectively
Underlying Self (2D-vibratory fields in 2D)-------Atman/Self Awareness-Silent Witness to subjective experience
Entangled fields (1D)-------Brahman (Universal awareness)-Non vibratory-Still awareness
The underlying self is in 2 dimensions which projects/vibrates itself  on a holographic screen in 3D to form the emergent self/mind.

Insights of Advaita
What if the 2D and the 3D states which are superposed on the energy field at 1D cancel out when the holographic screen dissolves through disentanglement.This can occur during meditation when the eyes are closed and there is no observation or entanglement between observer and observed. The "screen of the mind" or the extra dimension arises only if the mind is active which occurs via sensory input (the brain). If there is no sensory input, cognition and cogitation then the mind settles/calm  down. The silent observer or underlying self in 2D is revealed. 
A-dvaita  (Non-dual): Atman(2D) =Brahman(1D)
The brain is  an arrangement of atoms like an object. The mind  is a 3D holographic projection of information functioning through the brain giving rise to subjective experience.  The 2D self-(Atman)  is the silent witness to the subjective experience.   The material objects are  3D projections of information appearing only when the mind perceives them.

The multiverse
The multiverse comprises of energy fields (sphere of influence) for concentrated energies which are in equilibrium i.e symmetry exists in continuum in 1D.
Through perturbations/vibrations of these fields, symmetry is broken to give rise to complementary pairs of vibrating strings, and the material universe arises at the 2D level which carries information. These complementary pairs of vibratory strings are entangled. Projection of this information (entanglement information and the vibratory state of the particles themselves) occurs ,onto another set of complementary entangled strings (the entanglement and vibrations are lower in this case, thus this set of particles is more flat-like a screen compared to the projected information) results in a 3D universe/multiverse (uni/multiverse depending on the interaction with the observer).
So "All mass is interaction is satisfied". This occurs at the 3D level.
The mathematics is the calculations of these vibratory energies and entanglement amounts.
Levels of existence:
The Multiverse is at the 3D level.
The emergent phenomenal consciousness is at the 3D level, emerging from the brain i.e vibratory states and entanglement information projected from and to the brain, the brain acting as a source of information as well as a holographic screen. (The manifest image-Time is fundamental, Cause and effect-Transfer of information )
The underlying consciousness (Atman) is at the 2D level.(The scientific image-Time is emergent, only patterns, no cause and effect).

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