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Coarse graining

During coarse graining, by decreasing scalar information, skewing inference towards vectorial information.

Disease in context of scalarity

Homeostatic State=Vectorial.
Diseased state= Scalar.

Emergent Complexity-Scalar versus Vector

Scalar without direction, Vector with direction as determined by change in free energy of the reaction.
DeltaG=DeltaH-T.DeltaS. A non spontaneous reaction has a positive delta G and negative deltaG for a spontaneous reaction . DeltaG =Gibbs free energy.
Greater degree of vectorization/directionality=Greater negative deltaG.
Greater degree of vectorization=Greater organized emergent Complexity.
When degree of vectorization reaches critical point, Markov blanket is created, next layer of emergence, develops.
Phase transition occurs when degree of vectorization falls below critical point  markov blanket dissolves and continuity prevails over discrete. deltaG increases in this case.
E.g. in epithelial  to mesenchymal phase transition in cancer, an intermediate stem-like state occurs where degree of vectorization falls below critical point, markov blanket between the epithelial layer of emergence and mesenchymal layer of emergence dissolves, an incease in scalarity occurs.
Pluripotent ste…