Saturday, 13 January 2018

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Markov chains-Cellular states in Cancer

Cellular States in Cancer:
Visualization-Oscillating pendulum

Cellular states preceding and following tumorigenesis are  like- an oscillating pendulum that  overshoots mean position once (equivalent to cellular state i.e benign tumor after primary mutational hit-State A). The pendulum tries to  come back to mean balance position (equivalent to restoring homeostasis in cell after primary mutational hit). Due to  loss of elasticity of pendulum string (equivalent to secondary hit due to tumor microenvironment interactions) status quo of extreme position maintained, (which is  equivalent to malignant tumor-State B ).

Idea for a drug- A compound that decreases the probability of  transitioning from state A to state B

Activating a tumor suppressor/inhibiting an oncogene within a tumor by a drug may alter tumor cellular state. Tumor cells may adapt and give survival cues to the tumor microenvironment. So drug has to target signaling by tumor microenvironment to tumor cells. So not one drug but two, targeting tumor cell +tumor microenvironment.

Coarse graining -Disease

Biological Research involves coarse graining-simplifying in order to obtain a model. Is this the reason drugs against diseases like cancer fail in clinical trials ?

Conscious AI

Can Artificial Intelligence become conscious if the information about mental processing which is lost in models during coarse graining is regained ?

Energy Barrier

Is the directional arrow of time due to an energy barrier ?  Analogy: Uncatalyzed reaction. May be a catalyst-like invention could revers...