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Potential versus Actualization

What is the difference between a cancer stem cell and stemness in cancer. Actually a lot. A cancer stem cell is a cell with a realized/actualized potential, while stemness is determined by unrealized potential. Its like a tree versus a seed. The plant is an intermediate stage. So a change from unrealized potential to actualizations passes through different stages of growth.

The idea of my blog is to trigger your thinking

Why do you even need to read my blog.

Firstly it is not about news or updates. Its about topics which I forsee as important and my musings on it. On reading it , the articles/one liners should be able to trigger your thought process for newer ideas, ways of approaching science related problems, basically be inspirational, all without budging from your computer. I am interested in humans all over the world.

 Briefly the interests  in this blog are:

1. Life as in Biology including emergence, adaptation
2. Cancer-because a lot is unknown
3. A layman's musings regarding Physics-as it forms the fundamentals of science
4. Meditation-Many people are practising it and I am curious about the mechanisms involved
5. Philosophy in the Indian context

The whole idea is about speculating and stimulating cogitation. My ideas may not be true, but they are there to stimulate yours. Agree, Disagee, Question -I have acheived my goal.


Are humans sculpting their environment leading to adaptation and inheritance of adapted traits ?

Emergent Properties in Biology

I am writing this blog post to connect the ideas of emergence with what we know in biology.
Interactions leading to emergent properties, such as the phenotype of an organism, which emerges from the genotype/blueprint of the organism is where biology research is heading to.

The genotype is encoded in the DNA of the organism which through the transcriptional and translational machinery gets converted into proteins. These proteins interact with each other in signal transduction networks which consist of positive and negative feedback loops. It is these signaling networks which convey the signal from outside a cell to the functionality of the cell.  On the other hand, the proteins interact with the DNA and can regulate switching on/off of genes via epigenetic mechanisms.
 So in a cell there are  layers of interactions, where each layer instructs the subsequent layer, and the functional property of the cell emerges from the genotype. The layers of  cellular processes  are epigenetic regul…

Cancer , Entropy , Pendulum model of Cancer

I have written the following blog post and pinned it so that cancer researchers  who may come across this blog post can get ideas about why cancer occurs, how to think about cellular states in tumor formation and how they relate to the driver mutations and the tumor microenvironment. Hope it is useful.
The risk of developing cancer increases with age. The probabilities of errors in replication resulting in cancer causing mutation  occur because of the second law of thermodynamics . Error in DNA replication implies lack of  precision/accuracy in replication and an increase in randomness. This is exactly what the second law of thermodynamics predicts- an increase in entropy i.e randomness of the universe. With age the human dies, loss of physical organization of the human body occurs, matter gets converted to energy, and energy is returned back to the universe. So for treatment of cancer local entropy has to be decreased to regain back organization/precision accuracy. This means drugs …