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Meditation-Based on Experience

The Rishis (Sages) of the past meditated. They included both men (eg Kapila) and women (eg Gargi).
By meditate I mean concentrated focus/observation of their own psychical system.
Meditation is a systems approach.  The rishis went from the surface layers of the mind to probe into deeper levels.  The body is multicellular , including the brain (consisting of the sensory input processing system). Under normal circumstances, in a conditioned human, the physical predominates i.e data arriving from the sense organs (eyes, ears etc) .The  4 components i.e.buddhi-intellect ahamkara-identity/individualization capacity, manas - memory bank , chitta-(awareness at the mental level)are a  prakriti (psychical nature) according to sankhya psychology. The 3 attributes of sattva(balance/equilibrium/harmony),rajas (activity) and tamas (inertia) are present in various combination in each individual human. The observable universe is when the self/atman/purusha/subject/observer/ is superimposed by prakr…