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String theory

String theory makes a good explanation for classical physics, quantum mechanics and complexity. Particles are strings vibrating at various frequencies. The math has to be worked out and the extra  dimensions predicted by it have to be experimentally observed.

Energy Mass life span string theory

Larger animals tend to live longer than smaller ones. What if we view evolution in terms of energy and mass in the evolutionary theory rather than fitness. A heavier animal will have more inertial mass but  rotates at a smaller velocity than a lighter animal. According to the string theory quarks are strings vibrating at a certain frequency of energy. what if a heavier animal has a net lesser vibrational energy frequency,i.e the number of quarks are greater than a lighter animal but the frequency of vibrations adjusts so that the net frequency of vibration in a heavier animal are lesser. A heavier animal  conserves energy and leads a longer life. Intelligence is a byproduct in evolution.