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Chaos theory-initial pattern of resonance with intermittent out of resonance-out of resonance unpredicted-out of resonance amplified-chaos

Resonace -Fractals

Patterns =In resonance
Out of pattern=Out of resonance
In pattern-Out of pattern-In pattern-Out of pattern at increasing scales =fractals

Tuning Forks





Multiverse information (vibrational energy patterns) in 2D=Superposed holographic projected universe states (informational strings) in 3D.
 Resonance of observer (string) with observed(string)=interaction= collapsed wave function=Event

Cancer and Chaos Theory

I have worked on both viruses and cancer. I think the chaos theory applies to cancer research as  the presence of the initial mutation in the tumor suppressor or oncogene, leads to subsequent  iterative, uncontrolled non linear multiplication of cells causing a tumor. cancer=chaos.  This can apply to any disease. Chaos in Cancer is dependent on initial  conditions i.e. the initial cancer causing mutation. A small change such as a mutation causes a large change such as cancer because of the unpredictability of the initial conditions.