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Musings-superposition states and upanishadic philosophy

I have concluded that the underlying self is in 2dimension which projects itself  on a holographic screen in 3D to form the emergent self. What if the 2D and the 3D states which are superposed on the energy field at 1D cancel out when the holographic screen dissolves through disentanglement. Nothing in 1D and something in 2D and 3D states are just probabilities of superpositions. The negative 2D superposition state and the positive 3D superposition state cancel out and we are left with 1D. What if the other dimensions are superposition states. What if the multiverse is a series of strings which when resonating at a particular frequency form a superposition state. 1D state is a static state (brahman in the upanishads),2D state is collection of negative amplitudes (vibrational energy-unmanifested-avyakta)and 3D is a collection of positive amplitudes (information-projection-manifested-vyakta).Vibrational Energy------>Information