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The universes are quantum states whose sequence gives rise to the arrow of time

Consider if each human is a probability distribution of a certain arrangement of atoms-i.e. a quantum state. With evolution through "time" different arrangements are possible, complexity increases with increase in entropy, finally the number of arrangements  becomes a constant , complexity decreases its just that these arrangements keep on rearranging themselves with decreasing complexity. Finally complexity goes away and "equilibrium is arrived at. What if each complex arrangement is a quantum state so that time is emergent being a superimposition of quantum states. The initial low entropy state arose from a high entropy state, the multiverse being eternal and infinite alternating between high and low entropic states-it is such energy packets rearranging themselves in different ways through processes involving entanglement. What if there was a quantum state  of energy distributions probabilities where no entanglement occurs that is the final equilibrium state and alte…