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Strings and loops might project the same holographic universe


In response to quanta magazine article-Jammed Physics of Cancer

sonali senguptasays:
August 16, 2016 at 9:11 pm
Its an eye-opening, and an insightful article i.e. to apply the concepts of physics to solve complex problems in biology. Taking the "jamming of cells" in solid tumors versus "un-jamming" in those cases where circulating tumor cells have escaped shows how the physical process of "phase transition" can be used to model migration in tumors. I think the challenge lies in the fact that biological systems are so much more complex than physical systems that modeling biological processess using physical equations , although extremely useful has to take into account the quantitative spatio-temporal regulatory processess that govern decision making in biological processes. For e.g abberant intrinsic gene expression profiles could lead to altered cell perimeter to underoot cell area ratio,so the migration model based on this number gives the threshold for jammimg/unjamming and migration but ultimately its the gene expr…