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Musings-Origins of Life

Origin of Life: A plausible mechanism for the origin of life  where replication arose before metabolism.
Random bumping of atoms occur based on statistical probabilities,(reaction in a liquid such as water) followed by quantum entanglement,chemical bonds are formed, purine rings are formed which via entanglement (i.e quantum entanglement of the wave functions/states of the electrons of the constituent atoms)  chains of purine rings are formed that form RNA. (I modify this to atoms whose resonance frequencies match undergo entanglement)
 For propagation of information,i.e. sequence of bases, via  RNA , through entanglement and subsequent base pairing , double stranded RNA is formed.
 For "energy efficient" propagation of RNA, metabolism arose , so that amino acids tether onto this RNA to form peptides via  entanglement.
Since large chunks of information have to be propagated in an energy efficient  way and RNA is unstable, the blueprint of life DNA arose.
So is life energy e…