Sunday, 26 March 2017

1D continnuum of energy distribution -pure awareness

What if the 3D universe is a  complex holographic projection of 2D information.
What if entanglement of quarticles encodes information for the 3D holographic universe in 2D space.
What if meditation is a method to get back to disentangling the 3D projection of  2D information of quarticles (probability distributions/energy clouds) i.e the wave function. Meditation disentangles the entanglement of the mind with the environment at the level of 3D projection, by disentangling the 2D information(mind), with the holographic screen (level of brain).
 The disentanglement  results in cancellation of basic information (2D-pull like-negative vibratory states in a field) and projected information (3D-push like-positive vibratory states) and the underlying 1Dcontinuum of energy distribution is revealed which is awareness. Emergent Consciousness is 3D projection of 2D information both of which involve entanglement.
Advanced meditators possess lesser entangled 3D projection and consequent lesser 2D information, lesser vibratory impulses, and therefore are closer to the 1D continuum energy state.

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