Saturday, 11 March 2017

Meditation-A method to prevent external observation by preventing collapse of the wave function/quantum decoherence ?

Assumption-Entanglement occurs at macroscopic levels or there are higher orders of Entanglement.

Preventing Collapse of the wave function/quantum decoherence which occurs when the senses observe a material object,  thus allowing quantum coherence to remain
During meditation , the eyes are closed. The attention is directed away from the object of sensory perception. If the observer is no longer observing the object of sensory perception ,  therefore no collapse of wave function occurs/no entanglement of the object with the observer.  The material object is a collection/arrangement of atoms, a 3D holographic projection of information. It can have another arrangement in another universe.I am presuming entanglement of quantum states in many universes.

Preventing Collapse of the wave function/quantum decoherence which occurs when the mind observe dreams, thus allowing quantum coherence to remain
When the attention of the perceiver is directed inwards, it sees immaterial stuff or visualizes immaterial stuff i.e entanglement of the mental state i.e vibratory energy and another set of vibratory energies i.e dreams. The immaterial mind,provides subjective experiences of emotions,  thoughts, dreams etc. The mind/mental activities or the immaterial subjective experience are collapsable wave functions because the mind which is vibratory energy but immaterial, functions as an observer or visualizes  immaterial stuff as in dreams. When the mental attention is drawn away from the object in this case, the dream, the wave function no longer collapses, as there is no entanglement between the vibratory mental energy and the immaterial dreams i.e another set ofvibrations..

The brain
The brain is  an arrangement of atoms like an object.It is a 3D holographic projection of information. In this essay mind is not thought to be the effect of electrochemical brain activity, athough electrochemical brain activity correlates with mental activity . Mind is immaterial subjective experience.   The material objects are  3D projections of information appearing only when the mind perceives them.

Meditation-A method to prevent collapse of the wave function/quantum decoherence, thus  allowing quantum coherence to remain
 When through focused attention inwards by practice of  meditation  the vibrations/activity of mind are stilled, the underlying equilibriated  unmoving constant awareness is revealed by being reflected on a clear lucid unwavering mind. This is the immaterial universal self which forms the underlying unbreaking continuum of entire multiverses.  When the superimposing perceptive mind is stilled, there is no observation of material objects, visualization of immaterial dreams,no entanglement, the underlying still continuum/pure awareness/consciousness is revealed like a curtain raised on a stage to reveal the set.Is this continuum the dark energy ? Are mental activities vibratory superimpositions over dark energy.
Hypothesis :Low intensity dark energy lacks intrinsic entanglement and higher order space is created when dark energy entangles at higher densities.

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