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Cancer-Laws of thermodynamics-Oscillating between states -Involvement of Driver Mutations/Tumor Microenvironment

I have written the following blog post and pinned it so that cancer researchers  who may come across this blog post can get ideas about why cancer occurs, how to think about cellular states in tumor formation and how they relate to the driver mutations and the tumor microenvironment. Hope it is useful.
Cancer accelerates extended life span to death and therefore its frequency arises with age. The probabilities of errors in replication resulting in cancer causing mutation  occur because of the second law of thermodynamics . Error in DNA replication implies lack of  precision/accuracy in replication and an increase in randomness. This is exactly what the second law of thermodynamics predicts- an increase in entropy i.e randomness of the universe. With age the human dies, loss of physical organization of the human body occurs, matter gets converted to energy, and energy is returned back to the universe. So for treatment of cancer local entropy has to be decreased to regain back organiza…

Meditation-Sankhya Yoga-Yoga Psychology Based on Experience

The Rishis (Sages) of the past meditated. They included both men (eg Kapila) and women (eg Gargi).
By meditate I mean concentrated focus/observation of their own psychical system.
Meditation is a systems approach.  The rishis went from the surface layers of the mind to probe into deeper levels.  The body is multicellular , including the brain (consisting of the sensory input processing system). Under normal circumstances, in a conditioned human, the physical predominates i.e data arriving from the sense organs (eyes, ears etc) .The  4 components i.e.buddhi-intellect ahamkara-identity/individualization capacity, manas - memory bank , chitta-(awareness at the mental level)are a  prakriti (psychical nature) according to sankhya psychology. The 3 attributes of sattva(balance/equilibrium/harmony),rajas (activity) and tamas (inertia) are present in various combination in each individual human. The observable universe is when the self/atman/purusha/subject/observer/ is superimposed by prakr…