Friday, 28 April 2017


Godels incompleteness theorem-undecided statements-statements that cannot be proved to be true or false. What about under certain conditions-depending on the assumption. Contextual truth or falsehood. Is this problem similar to the manyworlds problem in quantum physics-manyworlds exist but as humans we experience one world.
What is a mathematical object ? Are two objects really identical to be counted ?

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Why so much conflict in the world

It is because  we try to understand facts historically and take sides with history. We should try to understand facts psychologically. We have choice. We are NOT the same as our ancestors were. We can borrow ideas from their understanding of nature we do NOT have to borrow their conflicts.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

String theory

String theory makes a good explanation for classical physics, quantum mechanics and complexity. Particles are strings vibrating at various frequencies. The math has to be worked out and the extra  dimensions predicted by it have to be experimentally observed.

Energy Mass life span string theory

Larger animals tend to live longer than smaller ones. What if we view evolution in terms of energy and mass in the evolutionary theory rather than fitness. A heavier animal will have more inertial mass but  rotates at a smaller velocity than a lighter animal. According to the string theory quarks are strings vibrating at a certain frequency of energy. what if a heavier animal has a net lesser vibrational energy frequency,i.e the number of quarks are greater than a lighter animal but the frequency of vibrations adjusts so that the net frequency of vibration in a heavier animal are lesser. A heavier animal  conserves energy and leads a longer life. Intelligence is a byproduct in evolution.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017


Chaos theory-initial pattern of resonance with intermittent out of resonance-out of resonance unpredicted-out of resonance amplified-chaos

Resonace -Fractals

Patterns =In resonance
Out of pattern=Out of resonance
In pattern-Out of pattern-In pattern-Out of pattern at increasing scales =fractals

Tuning Forks



Multiverse information (vibrational energy patterns) in 2D=Superposed holographic projected universe states (informational strings) in 3D.
 Resonance of observer (string) with observed(string)=interaction= collapsed wave function=Event

Cancer and Chaos Theory

I have worked on both viruses and cancer. I think the chaos theory applies to cancer research as
 the presence of the initial mutation in the tumor suppressor or oncogene, leads to subsequent
 iterative, uncontrolled non linear multiplication of cells causing a tumor. cancer=chaos.
 This can apply to any disease.
Chaos in Cancer is dependent on initial  conditions i.e. the initial cancer causing mutation. A small change such as a mutation causes a large change such as cancer because of the unpredictability of the initial conditions.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Musings-superposition states and upanishadic philosophy

I have concluded that the underlying self is in 2dimension which projects itself  on a holographic screen in 3D to form the emergent self. What if the 2D and the 3D states which are superposed on the energy field at 1D cancel out when the holographic screen dissolves through disentanglement. Nothing in 1D and something in 2D and 3D states are just probabilities of superpositions. The negative 2D superposition state and the positive 3D superposition state cancel out and we are left with 1D. What if the other dimensions are superposition states. What if the multiverse is a series of strings which when resonating at a particular frequency form a superposition state. 1D state is a static state (brahman in the upanishads),2D state is collection of negative amplitudes (vibrational energy-unmanifested-avyakta)and 3D is a collection of positive amplitudes (information-projection-manifested-vyakta).Vibrational Energy------>Information

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Thursday, 13 April 2017

The universes are quantum states whose sequence gives rise to the arrow of time

Consider if each human is a probability distribution of a certain arrangement of atoms-i.e. a quantum state. With evolution through "time" different arrangements are possible, complexity increases with increase in entropy, finally the number of arrangements  becomes a constant , complexity decreases its just that these arrangements keep on rearranging themselves with decreasing complexity. Finally complexity goes away and "equilibrium is arrived at. What if each complex arrangement is a quantum state so that time is emergent being a superimposition of quantum states. The initial low entropy state arose from a high entropy state, the multiverse being eternal and infinite alternating between high and low entropic states-it is such energy packets rearranging themselves in different ways through processes involving entanglement. What if there was a quantum state  of energy distributions probabilities where no entanglement occurs that is the final equilibrium state and alternating between low and high entropy of this equlilibrium state  is a mechanism giving rise to complexity. Meditation is a method of arriving at this equilibrium by disentanglement (so that time disappears), so as to do away with complexity. The difference between a meditator and a non meditator is that a meditator tries to do away with complexity via disentanglement  (as mentioned in my earlier posts) and reaches the quantum state of equilibrium, while a non-mediatator alternates between high and low entropic states. The mind in this essay is the entanglement and vibratory states of atoms going through low and high entropic states and hence complexity.  A meditator reaches the final quantum state of equilibrium  through concentrated focus away from the environment i.e. disentanglement.
In the upanishads it is written the manifest universe(vyakta), in this case complexity arises from the avyakta i,e the unmanifest i.e. the equilibrium state.
Eternalism (Time is fundamental-arrow of time can go in both directions,universe is) through the lens of human mind appears as presentism (Time is emergent and has an arrow).
Through meditation perceived presentism is experienced as eternalism-the universe is.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Disadvantage of evidence

observation and measurement in one/our universe=evidence,but physical probabilities exist in other universes. Evidence= one interacting state observing another interacting state. Its a participatory universe.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Strings and loops might project the same holographic universe

In response to quanta magazine article-Jammed Physics of Cancer

Its an eye-opening, and an insightful article i.e. to apply the concepts of physics to solve complex problems in biology. Taking the "jamming of cells" in solid tumors versus "un-jamming" in those cases where circulating tumor cells have escaped shows how the physical process of "phase transition" can be used to model migration in tumors. I think the challenge lies in the fact that biological systems are so much more complex than physical systems that modeling biological processess using physical equations , although extremely useful has to take into account the quantitative spatio-temporal regulatory processess that govern decision making in biological processes. For e.g abberant intrinsic gene expression profiles could lead to altered cell perimeter to underoot cell area ratio,so the migration model based on this number gives the threshold for jammimg/unjamming and migration but ultimately its the gene expression regulatory profile that will determine this ratio. The question then arises can we use a physical process such as "quantum entanglement" to see whether a signal transduction process that regulates gene expression could be used to determine whether genes are switched or not because if "entanglement" is determining how a distant molecule will behave depending on its interaction with a known molecule or the outcome of the interaction will be determined by the entanglement then the whole of gene regulatory processess which govern gene expression signatures could be modeled on this , and biological out comes could be predicted.

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Musings-Origins of Life

Origin of Life: A plausible mechanism for the origin of life  where replication arose before metabolism.
Random bumping of atoms occur based on statistical probabilities,(reaction in a liquid such as water) followed by quantum entanglement,chemical bonds are formed, purine rings are formed which via entanglement (i.e quantum entanglement of the wave functions/states of the electrons of the constituent atoms)  chains of purine rings are formed that form RNA. (I modify this to atoms whose resonance frequencies match undergo entanglement)
 For propagation of information,i.e. sequence of bases, via  RNA , through entanglement and subsequent base pairing , double stranded RNA is formed.
 For "energy efficient" propagation of RNA, metabolism arose , so that amino acids tether onto this RNA to form peptides via  entanglement.
Since large chunks of information have to be propagated in an energy efficient  way and RNA is unstable, the blueprint of life DNA arose.
So is life energy efficient propagation of information, where increase in entropy leads to species complexity.
Species Complexity ultimately declines after all energy efficient possible combinations have arisen and which now need to be maintained followed by gradual decline , because entropy of the universe increases (2nd law of Thermodynamics) but total energy remains the same (Ist law of thermodynamics).
This is counter intuitive as in the classical world, presently, during cell cycle G1 (metabolic) comes before the S (replicative) phase.
Since the cell has to be energy efficient inorder  to replicate and divide, the classical cell cycle is where metabolism precedes replication. It is  different from the underlying quantum origins of life, where replication precedes metabolism.
The idea is that the entanglement of components of the wave functions give rise to higher order structures.

Energy Barrier

Is the directional arrow of time due to an energy barrier ?  Analogy: Uncatalyzed reaction. May be a catalyst-like invention could revers...