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An Essay-A holographic multiverse-with mirror information

The multiverse comprises of energy fields (sphere of influence) for concentrated energies which are in equilibrium i.e symmetry exists in continuum in 1D.
Through perturbations/vibrations of these fields, symmetry is broken to give rise to complementary pairs of particles/vibrating strings, and the material universe arises at the 2D level which carries information. These complementary pairs of particles are entangled. Projection of this information (entanglement information and the vibratory state of the particles themselves) occurs ,onto another set of complementary entangled particles (the entanglement and vibrations are lower in this case, thus this set of particles is more flat-like a screen compared to the projected information) results in a 3D universe/multiverse (uni/multiverse depending on the interaction with the observer).
So "All mass is interaction is satisfied". This occurs at the 3D level.
The mathematics is the calculations of these vibratory energies and ent…

1D continnuum of energy distribution -pure awareness

What if the 3D universe is a  complex holographic projection of 2D information.
What if entanglement of quarticles encodes information for the 3D holographic universe in 2D space.
What if meditation is a method to get back to disentangling the 3D projection of  2D information of quarticles (probability distributions/energy clouds) i.e the wave function. Meditation disentangles the entanglement of the mind with the environment at the level of 3D projection, by disentangling the 2D information(mind), with the holographic screen (level of brain).
 The disentanglement  results in cancellation of basic information (2D-pull like-negative vibratory states in a field) and projected information (3D-push like-positive vibratory states) and the underlying 1Dcontinuum of energy distribution is revealed which is awareness. Emergent Consciousness is 3D projection of 2D information both of which involve entanglement.
Advanced meditators possess lesser entangled 3D projection and consequent lesser 2…

Subjective experience and Entanglement

I observe a green leaf. During this process I entangle with the environment because photons of light reach the eye, cause electrochemistry in the brain followed by vision.
When my eyes are closed and a green leaf is present i do not experience it , because photons of light do not reach my eye. I am no longer entangled with the photons/environment.
Experience occurs with the entanglement process of the observer with the object of observation.
If we understand entanglement we will understand subjective experience.
We make an image of the object in the mind. When decoherence occurs there is disentangling of the observer with  the object , then the image in the mind and the object fades away from thought. A memory is created when decoherence does not occur fully.

Probing the emergent layers using Artificial Intelligence based sensors

Probing the emergent layer using Artificial Intelligence based sensors

  Maybe each structural layer of emergence has a set of properties in terms of  vibrating frequency. Eg, the electron layer, the atom layer, the molecular interacting layer , all functioning in dynamic states .For the average energy of that layer tools of statistical mechanics will prove to be useful. For eg. the averaged contributions of the electrons vibrating, or the atoms vibrating , or the molecules vibrating.  Energy with the Resonant frequency of each vibrating layer will help detect that layer. AI sensors which possess the same resonant frequency at that layer can help detect that layer. For the layer underlying space time one needs AI probes to  match the resonant energy .

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scales-surface and underlying: Meditation-A method to prevent external observatio...

scales-surface and underlying: Meditation-A method to prevent external observatio...: Preventing Collapse of the wave function which occurs when the senses observe a material object During meditation , the eyes are closed. T...

Einstein's brilliant mistake: Entangled states - Chad Orzel




Probing energy with matter

Can we  use matter to probe non matter/energy ? Maybe through detecting vibrations.

Meditation-A method to prevent external observation by preventing collapse of the wave function/quantum decoherence ?

Assumption-Entanglement occurs at macroscopic levels or there are higher orders of Entanglement.

Preventing Collapse of the wave function/quantum decoherence which occurs when the senses observe a material object,  thus allowing quantum coherence to remain
During meditation , the eyes are closed. The attention is directed away from the object of sensory perception. If the observer is no longer observing the object of sensory perception ,  therefore no collapse of wave function occurs/no entanglement of the object with the observer.  The material object is a collection/arrangement of atoms, a 3D holographic projection of information. It can have another arrangement in another universe.I am presuming entanglement of quantum states in many universes.

Preventing Collapse of the wave function/quantum decoherence which occurs when the mind observe dreams, thus allowing quantum coherence to remain
When the attention of the perceiver is directed inwards, it sees immaterial stuff or vi…

Strings and loops might project the same holographic universe