Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Observer Effect

Advaita philosophy-Nondual underlying essence. The universe-multifaceted projection of this non dual underlying essence.
Multiverse-probability states described by the wave function when we are not looking.Non material energy distrbution since we are not looking-infinite
Complexity theory-increasing randomness/chaos/disorder. Organized separate entities (Duality/Multiplicity), mix , resulting in complex systems , further mixing results in uniformity/equilibrium with increasing randomness.
Similarity between advaita philosophy, multiverse, complexity theory-Uniformity (Non-dual) resultant. Complexity theory involves time. Advaita does not involve time.
If time is removed from complexity theory its equilibrium forever. The same as advaita. So is space time peculiar to our experienced universe because we are looking. Multiverse exists because we are looking at our universe and not looking at the multiverse.
So is our experienced universe the observer effect. If so Advaita-non dual (not looking)--->multiverse (not looking)----->complex universe  (looking).
Methodology:science-from imagination and experimentation. advaita from meditation (abnegation of the sensory perception)

Religion-worshipping facets of this multiplicity atleast in "hinduism".


Economic and Scientific Progress has to be sustainable.  Newer Technologies have to be environment friendly and should be incentivized.

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