Monday, 26 September 2016


Let us take the example of water.  At the microscopic level H2O molecules are randomnly bumping into each other. Fluidity of water -an emergent property- Macroscopic state. Emergence implies the sum of interactions of constituents is greater than their parts and produces an entity with macroscopic properties different from microscopic properties. 
But then is the above statement true. We feel water  to flow because when our touch receptors touch water, there is a feeling of continuity/flow. When we see water the resolution of our eye (human eye) sees a huge bunch of something transparent moving continuously. But an advanced camera (not yet developed)will see/observe a bunch of  molecules randomly being bonded or unbonded. 
So what we observe/see/feel/ the emergent property is the function of the resolution of the observer-not a fundamental property of what is being observed.
 Applying the same principle, mind is not an emergent property but is a product of what observes it -like a collapsable wave function.
 Depending on the resolution ultimately all the electrochemical activity in the brain is some sort of combination of entangled energy field. And thus the parallel universe /everett many worlds theory makes sense.
But then the individual brain is interacting at the macroscopic level with so many other aware beings and  non living things . 
So are  pansychism ( everywhereness), advaita (non dualness) vedanta, buddhism (nothingness)  talking about a unifying ontology. Is the unifying ontology described in these systems of thought, same epistemiologically as a unified field comprising of  entangled energy fields at rest or equilibrium, which when active or vibrates produces the phenomenal world. 
How can we know this ? Is it possible through advanced meditative techniques, in the  brain , arrangement of atoms is altered so that the wavefunction is no longer collapsed, there is  no observer ( selfhood, i cannot perceive myself), and there is resonance between entangled energy fields between multiple parallel universes to create a continuum of underlying energy fields. Under  these conditions the physical/phenomenal body no longer remains. In wisdom traditions they say the observer, the process of observation and the object of observation are unified.
In simple words  in advanced/deep meditators brain state is altered and mutiple parallel universes are observable because an altered state of brain produces altered sensory capabilities.

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