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shared versus different/unique

If you had to define my thoughts(thoughts because there a lot of things we do not know)-I am a naturalist i.e I perceive  the natural world. When I think of it images of plants animals and birds conjure up. I think natural selection is true.  I am a professional biologist.  The questions that occupy my thoughts are: 1. Does  the natural world comprise of  matter only with underlying energy fields ? 2. Is the human description of the natural world sufficient ? 3. Is the human description of the natural world a function of the human brain.
4. Consciousness is  defined as the state of being aware of and responsive to one's surroundings .   If so,  is this awareness in humans a product of the way our atoms in the brain are organized, or is there a state of awareness underlying matter and expresses itself depending on the mode or physical system of expression.
For example awareness manifested through a magnet attracts iron filings. Awareness manifested through a cat sees the world in sh…

Reason for this blog

I start this blog by saying its about cogitation. Cogitate means think deeply about something.
My cogitation is based on rational and intuitive thinking.
I subscribe to rational thinking because it helps to deconstruct complexity. For example if i want to go from point A to B, depending on the reason I choose, i will take a path. If I just want to reach point B , I will take the shortest possible route. If I want to enjoy the wayside scenery too, i may choose other routes
I subscribe to intuitive thinking because there are a lot of things we do not know about  nature, universe and how the world functions. So I may be going along with my experience of the world, news items from the internet , tv and newspapers.
This blog will only have written material unlike my previous blog which was more like random musings, and internet selections based on interest.
I subscribe to the thinking that with new knowledge my conclusions can change.