Phase transition and the Phenomenal Self

Even a baby has a notion of self. It cries and laughs when the "other" touches it, makes sounds towards it. This implies the self is a constant from infancy.

What is this self ?

I think it to be an emergent phenomenon of physiological process that govern proprioception and that remains throughout life and even during processes such as sleeping and dreaming.

Everything is connected to everthing else in some way. A simple explanation is as follows:
At every level of emergence the superimposing layer is resonating with the underlying layer at the same frequency , but the amplitude of each layer is different. Each layer of emergence consists of resonating frequencies with differing amplitudes that branch to form a fractal like pattern, giving rise to complexity.

Concepts of entanglement at the quantum level are beginning to be discovered which support the above.

When the complexity of vibrations/oscillatory motion reaches a certain critical threshold, phase transition occurs an…

Sands of time-Predictive search for cures\treatments

What if the diagnosis of a disease is a particular state : (Snapshot). If time is emergent and the diagnosis comprises of snapshots of  diseased states, the earlier diseased states erodes with time (since the snapshot is an observation-in emergent time, time is a series of states stitched together by mental processes of the brain). So the treatment has to be based on prediction of the future diseased states.


Energy Alignment= Clocks at different speeds (Markov Blankets)-InSYNC.


Substratum Consciousness-Single Wave (Scalar) I Observation-Particles-Markov Blankets I Emergent Consciousness Multiple Waves (Vector)

What is reality ?

Energy Signatures----->Perceptual reality !

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient propagation of information. Higher order structures have evolved for greater energy efficiency. Structure has developed to be more organized for energy efficient propgation of information. The more organized the structure, the higher it is in the hierarchical organization, the greater the energy efficient propagation of information.