Anthropomorphic bias

Thinking in hierarchies is an anthropomorphic bias.

 This thinking is in contrast to "integrative /systems thinking" which is inclusive, sees the whole instead of diving into parts and arranging in a hierarchy.


Apes have it all-

Anthropomorphism as  cognitive bias-

What is life ?

Hypothesis - Life is the irreversible exchange of energy of a living organism/system with its environment. Exchange of energy with the environment such as in breathing maintains life. When this exchange ceases to occur living organisms decay and die.
The energy patterns may be compared to information and the energy exchange compared to information processing.
 The evaporation of water may be compared to the above i.e. exchange of energy with the environment, however it is a reversible process.
Is this irreversible process of energy exchange related to the rise of complexity (through phase transition) of living organisms and the unidirectional arrow of time ?

A-Dvaita/Non-Dual- A Scientific Explanation

Relation between Mind, Atman, Brahman
Mind/Phenomenal Self [3D(dimension)+1D]-------Emergent Constructed Self-Experiences subjectively
Underlying Self (2D-vibratory fields in 2D)-------Atman/Self Awareness-Silent Witness to subjective experience
Entangled fields (1D)-------Brahman (Universal awareness)-Non vibratory-Still awareness
The underlying self is in 2 dimensions which projects/vibrates itself  on a holographic screen in 3D to form the emergent self/mind.

Insights of Advaita
What if the 2D and the 3D states which are superposed on the energy field at 1D cancel out when the holographic screen dissolves through disentanglement.This can occur during meditation when the eyes are closed and there is no observation or entanglement between observer and observed. The "screen of the mind" or the extra dimension arises only if the mind is active which occurs via sensory input (the brain). If there is no sensory input, cognition and cogitation then the mind settles/calm  down. Th…

Phase transition

Energy=mass X velocity of light (squared)

Isn't that a phase transition ? Energy mass equivalence.


Can one say that cultural memes propagate because of social conditioning ?
Meme-an element of a culture or system of behaviour passed from one individual to another by imitation or other non-genetic means.
Conditioning, in physiology, a behavioral process whereby a response becomes more frequent or more predictable in a given environment as a result of reinforcement, with reinforcement typically being a stimulus or reward for a desired response.  They are based on the assumption that human behaviour is learned.

Cancer-Free energy principle

The free energy principle tries to explain how (biological) systems maintain their order (non-equilibrium steady-state) by restricting themselves to a limited number of states.[1] It says that biological systems minimise a free energy functional of their internal states, which entail beliefs about hidden states in their environment. (source wikipedia).

Is it possible that in cancer, during the process of tumorigenesis and metastases the free energy is maximised leading from order to disorder ?


I have written the following blog post and pinned it so that cancer researchers  who may come across this blog post can get ideas about why cancer occurs, how to think about cellular states in tumor formation and how they relate to the driver mutations and the tumor microenvironment. Hope it is useful.
The risk of developing cancer increases with age. The probabilities of errors in replication resulting in cancer causing mutation  occur because of the second law of thermodynamics . Error in DNA replication implies lack of  precision/accuracy in replication and an increase in randomness. This is exactly what the second law of thermodynamics predicts- an increase in entropy i.e randomness of the universe. With age the human dies, loss of physical organization of the human body occurs, matter gets converted to energy, and energy is returned back to the universe. So for treatment of cancer local entropy has to be decreased to regain back organization/precision accuracy. This means drugs …